Debbie Vuong, MFT

​LIC. #MFC 39895


I provide individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. Individual therapy sessions are one-on-one and last 50-minutes. ​I specialize in helping people overcome social anxiety – that is, anxiety associated with being in social situations or in relation to others, and people who have difficulty understanding social cues as well as their own social behavior.

I work from a perspective that focuses on the relationship between the patient and myself or between patients themselves. The goal is to help you or your child understand their behavior, thoughts, or feelings in order to find ways to connect to others in a real, genuine, and related way. This may entail helping them understand their inner conflicts and the management of difficult feelings in these situations in order to have a greater hold on the behaviors that sometimes come out and make it difficult for them to connect with others.

Studies show that there are important elements that are shared among various types of psychotherapy that are more critical to helping individuals than adhering rigidly to one framework or another. Therefore, even though I mainly have a focus on psychodynamic psychotherapy, I draw from a broad theoretical background that includes relational psychotherapy, attachment theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness techniques. I can work at more concrete skill-based levels or more in-depth, insight-oriented levels, depending on a patient’s needs. I also have a strong interest in cross-cultural issues and how it contributes on a conscious or unconscious level with how one relates to others.


Working with parents is a vital component to working with and thinking about children. Children always do better when the adults who take care of them are thinking and talking together and on their behalf. I offer consultation and psychotherapy for parents experiencing struggles in their relationships with their children and in their efforts to work together as a parenting unit.

I help parents improve their communication issues, improve their ability to set limits and boundaries, and increase awareness of the obstacles to greater satisfaction in their relationships with their children.

Many parents suffer from difficulty in their relationship with their children without a clear idea of what the problem is and how to solve it.  Some problems lie in difficulties in communication or understanding, between you and your child, and solutions can lie in straightforward parenting “techniques” while others are related to emotional dynamics that have to be shed light on before things can move forward. I offer a warm and supportive environment to help understand these dynamics that come into play when parenting.

I offer therapy sessions in my San Francisco and San Rafael offices in both English and Vietnamese and have an interest in working with a diverse Bay Area clientele. I work with children, preteens, teenagers and adults struggling with ADHD, Anxiety, chronic impulsivity, developmental disorders, learning disabilities and sensory processing disorder. I specialize in Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Social Anxiety. I use a variety of therapy modalities including Play Therapy, Social Skills Training, Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal/Relationship-based therapy and Attachment-based therapy.

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I offer therapy sessions in both English and Vietnamese and have an interest in working with a diverse Bay Area clientele.